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About museum

The Russian Museum of Ethnography is the museum of the peoples of Russia. There are more than 150 peoples speaking various languages, which lived on the territory of Russia for centuries and finally engrained there.

Such museum was a desirable object in thoughts of many Russians tsars and Emperors Alexander III was dreaming of the museum where he could place the Russia: treasures of national and folk culture, arts and crafts, and the main treasure - its peoples in an indispensable image and variations of the ethnic cultures.

The Emperor Nickolas II, Alexander's III heir, who came to the throne father's dream by establishing the Russian Museum and erecting the Palace of the Peoples - the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

This Museum today is a great scientific and research center which contains in its collections half a million of exhibits and photographs of the native peoples of peoples of Russian. Inevitable fate of the Museum articles if their being in captivity of the Museum collection. But was it ever possible to capture folk spirit embodied in objects, symbols, signs of ethnic and folk culture?

The Russian Museum of Ethnography carries out its museum policy with absolutely clear understanding of the nature of its collections - ethnic collections of culture of the Russian peoples. The Museum not only preserves the past but brings it back to life, gives back to the peoples lost in Gulags of history and the unclaimed ethno cultural past of Russia in all its inmost details.

After the scientific research and conservation work the museum articles become more than just material pieces that form an exhibition portfolio of the museum and having left their Motherland, they deliver knowledge about the Russian peoples abroad.

The range of demand for the ethno-cultural information contained in the objects of traditional culture is extremely huge. Looking for the self-identity, interest in life of their ancestors the offspring want to find the answer not only in the contemporary multinational Russia but also abroad.

The Museum is ready to discuss various possibilities of organization ethnographic exhibitions from its collections as a bank of the ethno cultural data the value of that cannot be estimated.

During recent years the exhibition portfolio was supplemented by new exhibits that the Museum is pleased to represent to any partners concerned  


From January of 2013 the opening hours were changed

01 January 2013
Every Tuesday of each month our museum is opened for you from 10.00 to 21.00. Ticket office works till 20.00 

27.07.-28.08.2013 Exhibition "Creative perfection. Italian beauty and mastery. Between traditions and modernity ”

26 July 2013
The Russian museum of Ethnography in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy Republic, Foundation FCT and ICE presents the exhibition under the title "Creative perfection. Italian beauty and mastery. Between traditions and modernity " . 

26.06.2013 - January 2014 Exhibition `Images of peoples of Russia. To the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov.`

20 June 2013
The Images of Peoples of Russia exhibition is devoted to the origin of a famous series of figurines called the Ethnic Groups of Russia at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg times to the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov in 1913.  

30.05 - 30.09.2013 Exhibition “Gloves and mittens, socks and stockings”

03 June 2013
For the first time the Russian museum of ethnography presents the unique collection of the traditional costume accessories - clothes for hands and legs - late 19th early 20th cen.  

Programme of Tuesday Evenings in May

13 May 2013

Programme of Tuesday Evenings in March

05 March 2013

Ethnic music in the Ethnography museum.

19 February 2013
On the second Tuesday of each month in the hall of the Russian museum of Ethnography the concerts of the modern folk groups will be held. 

The first peer-reviewed journal “Museum. Traditions. Ethnicity.”

21 December 2012
We are honored to present the first volume of the first peer-reviewed journal "Museum. Traditions. Ethnicity." published by the Russian museum of Ethnography. The journal considers problems of studying of ethnic history and ethnic traditions, phenomena of ethnicity and inter-ethnic contacts, and also museum activity on studying, preserving and presentation of the ethnographical collections. 

19.05.2012. Exhibition "The Peoples of Southern Caucasus”

10 July 2012
According to experts' opinion the Southern Caucasus, which traditional culture is represented on the new exhibition, is one of the most fascinating region of the world. The myths about Prometheus, the Argonauts' voyage, and rebirth of life after the Deluge, and many others are linked to this region. The "ethnographic reality" recording by researchers in the Southern Caucasus and shown on this exhibition have the deepest historical roots. 

Central Asia and Kazakhstan exhibition

26 June 2009
A new permanent exhibition dedicated to the culture of the peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the 19th - early 20th centuries opened at the Russian Museum of Ethnography. 

Russian traditional costume

22 June 2009
The new permanent exhibition "Russian Traditional Costume was opened to public in December 27 2008. It includes 32 women's, men's, and children's costumes, some details, accessories, and ornaments, dated by 19-early 20 centuries. They all are authentic objects of Russian people's daily, which came to museum upon the ethnographic expeditions, organized in 1902- 2000 гг.  
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