Exhibition "Christ Walks the Earth"

Время проведения

07.04 - 16.06 2017 г.

April 7, 2015 exhibition “Christ walking the Earth…”

Описание выставки
Стоимость и место проведения

According to the Russian peasant beliefs and as it said in The Gospel every year in the period of 40 days from Easter to the Ascension Day, Christ walks the Earth “Christ is among us.” The special forms of religious behaviour and special ritual objects time to the East Slavs festivals of this period, before the Lent and Palm Sunday as well.  

The subject of the Holy Week is presented, on one hand, with two types of Church Tabernacle, and on the other, with Thursday thread (a thread that was made by twisting a spindle away from oneself on the Maundy Thursday eve) significant for the traditional medicine. The exhibition presents some forms of the religious behavior: for example – pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is a journey to distant holy places or a visit to a peasant dwelling by a priest. The exhibition showcases fine gifts for pilgrims, pieces that were made in the monasteries such as craved icons, ships and cathedrals in bottles as a symbol of Christian Church, crosses. Visitors are able to see a reconstruction of scene of the Easter Paraklesis (moleben) in the Northern Russian peasant house.

Various kinds of festival utensils are also shown at the exhibition: Russian mold for the cottage cheese dish – pascha, decorated breadbasket, Belorussian mold for baking ritual bread, Ukrainian clay bowls with image of a sacred figure and cross. The decorative souvenir egg made of wax or Dutch ware and South Russian decorated eggs pisankis are displayed as well as Ukrainian pisankis with the cross and floral motifs.