The Fifteenth Annual Saint-Petersburg Ethnographic Conference “Ornaments of Traditional Cultures’ Artifacts”


Dear colleagues!
The fifteenth annual Saint-Petersburg conference “Ornaments of Traditional Cultures’ Artifacts” will take place at the Russian Museum of Ethnography on December 13-15, 2016. The conference aims to examine the following topics:

  • History and research methods of Ornaments of Traditional Cultures’ Artifacts. Paleoethnographic studies of ornamental motifs.
  • Visual, ornamental elements of artifacts as a source for historical-ethnographic analysis of traditional culture. Ornament of object as a marker/attribute of ethnicity, ethno-confessional affiliation, social and ritual statuses. The semiotic function of ornament expressing ethnocultural and/or universal worldview concepts (relation between the male and the female, solar symbolism and calendar constants, the Universe structure, notion of eternal life, the Tree of Life,  paradise garden, etc.).
  • Ornament in structure of object.  The dependence of ornamental motifs on technique and technology of objects’ production. Combination of ornaments with utilitarian functions, esthetic, religious and mythological attributes of object (ornamental pattern as amulet, expression of good wishes, etc.) Relation between ornamental patterns and inscriptions.
  • Museum description and study of ornamented objects. Recording of ornamental characteristics in comparison with utilitarian and morphological functions of object in case of registration and attribution of museum items. Recording of decoration and ornamental patterns at systematization of particular categories of traditional culture artifacts for composing of catalogues.
  • The factor of museum object’s ornament in gathering and exhibiting of museum collection.

The materials of conference will be published by the beginning of conference and included in the scientific database Russian Science Citation Index.