Land Spitsbergen

Время проведения

26.04 - 11.05 2017 г.

Photo exhibition based on the expedition materials of the Russian Museum of Ethnography in 2015.

Описание выставки
Стоимость и место проведения

On the 25th of April the photo exhibition "Land Spitsbergen" will be opened in the Russian Museum of Ethnography. In the centre of the exhibition is a human exploring polar spaces and that cultural landscape, which he created with the help of economic activity, ritual practices and symbolical interpretation of the world.

Spitsbergen is highly interesting object for showing in the context of anthropology. The hidden means of culture, its flexibility and stability allowing to a human not just to survive in hardly suitable conditions but also to make the Arctic a part of his cultural space reveal themselves there. An extremely complicated character of relations between human and world reminding the game between culture and nature, rules of which the Arctic defines, is the most vividly presented there.

The 60 photos demonstrated on the exhibition were made during the ethnographic expedition of D. Baranov, O. Ganicheva (the Russian Museum of Ethnography), V. Shorokhov (St. Petersburg State University) on Spitsbergen in July 2015. The expedition was financed by the member of Friends' Club of the Russian Museum of Ethnography S. Sardarov. The field studies took place in Longyearbyen, the capital of Spitsbergen, and russian miner's settlements Barentsburg, Grumant and Pyramiden. The ethnographic observations of expedition participants, extracts from descriptions of travelers and researchers of XIX-XX centuries, statements of peoples with whom ethnographers talked become comments to the photos and help to disclose the semantic context of visual representations.


1st floor, right wing