The World of the Tatar Culture of the 19th – 20th Century

The exposition gives visitor deep insights in resilience and development of Tatar national traditions in dwelling design, costume, cult objects, and applied arts. The exhibition focuses on the traditional costumes of the 19th -20th centuries, which were used by Kazan Tatars (the largest Tatar ethnic group in Russia). At the exhibition visitors can see festival and everyday-life clothes of the Mishars, the Kasimovs, the Kostroma Tatars, the Siberia Tatars, the Crimean Tatars, the Nağaybäks, and the Kryashens (baptized Tatars).

The Arctic – Inhabited Land

The exhibition invites visitor to travel across the spaces of the Russian Arctic and to make a glimpse at history and culture of its inhabitants. The choice for exhibition of such ethnographic topics as economic and hunting activities, trade, home, clothes, rites and beliefs, navigation and missionary work is determined by the main objective of exhibition -  to show how and by what means people made the Arctic, the territory with extreme environmental conditions for man, their home.

Catalogue "Treasures of Westarn Armenia"


Now is available in the book kiosk in the foyer of the museum. Buying this album you will help the Museum to obtain two objects (Armenian male belts) for the Armenia collection of the Russian museum of Ethnography!


Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation