Tradition and Fashion: Soviet Union Folk Costumes

What is Soviet people folk costume? Who and when created costumes which became visible symbols of ethno and cultural diversity of USSR?   What particular costume features in the result of stylized and generalization of the ethnographical authentic prototype became an indicator of ethnicity? Our new exhibition will answer these questions and display various stage outfits, USSR haut couture dresses, manufactures, dress-making studious. Many objects will be shown to public for the first time.


The Plaid Clothes are Beautiful and the Striped Clothes are Gorgeous

In last decade the RME prepared a series of thematic exhibitions focused on one particular element of traditional clothing in the context of “anthropology of object” studies. Continuing this trend in museum exhibition activity for the first time the exhibition of plaid and striped fabrics in traditional clothing of the Russia ethnic groups present the unique RME collection of these materials dated to 19th-20th century.

Catalogue "Treasures of Westarn Armenia"


Now is available in the book kiosk in the foyer of the museum. Buying this album you will help the Museum to obtain two objects (Armenian male belts) for the Armenia collection of the Russian museum of Ethnography!


Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation