Ethnic music in the Ethnographic museum

This project is the collaboration between the Russian museum of Ethnography and musicians, VJ's, photographers and other creative people inspirited with traditional culture of different peoples.

The aim of this project is to make the museum as the place where the monuments of the traditional culture meet with the vital modern art. 

Musicians participating in this event use the traditional musical instruments and vocal techniques as well as electronic sounds. As a result we get music performance that does not imitate folklore totally, but easily makes a combination of different elements. Russian and Tuvinian singing, sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, African drums, Australian didgerdoo and electronic instruments create the harmony flow of the music.

All music performances will be accompanied with walk-trough video, where the rare objects from our museum will be presented. The special part of the project is the reconstruction of the folk instruments according to the materials of the music chamber of the Museum. The visitors will be able to hear the sound of the pieces, which have been silent for ages.


Designer of the event logo - Igor Golubentsev.