The Department of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan

  • Head of the Department: Larisa F. Popova

    Tel.: 007-(812) 570-56-76.


  • Tatjana Emelyanenko Ph.D. in history
  • Vladimir Dmitriev Ph.D. in history
  • Sergei Dmitriev Ph.D. in history


    In its present state the department was established in 1987, when Department of the Caucasus and the Crimea with the Department of Central Asia and Kazakhstan were united. However, its history goes back to the museum’s foundation, when A. Miller ,K. Inostrantzev, D.Klementz the distinguished specialists on Central Asia and Caucasus like were actively involved in forming its unique collections. In the Soviet times the department's collections were significantly enriched thanks to the efforts of Dr. Studenetskaya, who headed the department many years. Today the department realizes active research and preservation work, focused on following topics:

  • Specialized Studies of Material and Spiritual Culture;
  • Collections attribution;
  • Thematic and Complex Exhibitions;

    Currently the department's staff works on the research project "Ecology of Central Asian and Caucasian Cultures In the Early III Millennium A. D." Its objective is to study the relations between three components of cultural ecology:

  • The Systems of Values as Codes for Revealing Worldview of Certain Ethnic Entity;
  • The Ethnic Systems of Life-Maintenance and Sustainable Development in the Late II-early III Millennium A.D.