"Ethnographic Bureau" V.N. Teneshev's archive


The Russian Museum of Ethnography started in 2003 a long-term program of publishing the documents of the V.N. Tenishev's "Ethnographic Bureau" which are kept in the Manuscript Department of the museum. The fund of the "Bureau" contains the materials that characterize the socio-cultural life of Russian peasants at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It includes the detailed information, sent by correspondents of the Bureau to the office in 1897 - 1900 from twenty-three provinces of European Russia. The total number of manuscripts is 1873 units.

The documents of the Archives will be published in 16-18 volumes. Each volume will give the descriptions of one or more provinces, depending on the amount of the material. Publication of documents in each volume is preceded by an introductory article that includes information about the economic, social, cultural and demographic status of the province at the end of the 19th century, and a brief description of published material. Each volume will also be supplemented by the photographs from the collections of the Russian Ethnographic Museum, taken in the province in question. Today six volumes are already published: Volume 1 contains the data of the Kostroma and Tver provinces; Volume 2 (2 books) - the Yaroslavl Province; Volume 3 - the Kaluga province; Volume 4 - the Nizhny Novgorod Province; Volume 5 (4 books) - the Vologda province; and Volume 6 includes the materials from several provinces: the Kursk, Moscow, Olonets, Pskov, St. Petersburg and Tula. The next volume dedicated to the Novgorod Province is being prepared for publication this year.