Mission of the museum

It is expedient to specify the functions of the museum in two main forms: Preservation and Representation, which would correspond to all set goals, such as:

Displaying and preservation of the museum collections

The museum as an open socio-cultural centre

The museum as informational centre for international communication not only in Saint Petersburg but all around Russia.

Popularization of the ideas of ethnic entity and cultural diversity.

Preservation of cultural heritage

Revealing of the values of multicultural society.

Among the values of multicultural society the central one is tolerance - tolerant attitude to any man of other ethnos, race, religion, language, social status and sex. Moreover, in this context, one should speak not only about the ability to accept the fact of existence of "the other", but about the ability to understand his positions. In this connection one can say about

Cultivating of tolerance, extremism prevention as functional tasks of the Museum nowadays.

In the framework of today's national politics of Russia the main socio-cultural idea is the problem of "Civil nation". And here the Museum is the real keeper of cultural and historical heritage.