Art programs offer children the unique experience of learning 
about art and traditional culture of the peoples of Russia 
in a studio setting or in the Museum's galleries.

1. "Children's games and toys in traditional culture of the peoples of Russia (XIX-XX centuries)"   -   29.09-05.10

The role and place of traditional children's game and toys in culture of the peoples of Russia. 
Acquaintance to variety of forms, materials, ways of production and dressing of a toy.

2. "St. Petersburg school of museum pedagogics"  -  20.10-26.10.2014
Museums of St.-Petersburg. The new directions, forms and methods of work with various categories of visitors.

3. "Traditional Russian costume"  -  10.11-16.11.2014

4. "Exposition and exhibition activity of the museums of St.-Petersburg"  -  17.11 – 23.11.2014

5. "Museum excursion: theory and practice"  -  08.12-14.12.2014