On display at the exhibition are the objects from a textile collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography the color and texture of which bear resemblance to jeans fabric.

The household effects, headgears, clothing or footwear represented at the exhibition are not "jeans" actually because they have a lack of some elements which form the jeans style (double stitch, for example). However, their appearance obtained due to the use of the method of dyeing dense linen, hemp or cotton fabric in typical jeans style, leaves no doubt that such kind of articles were widespread among the representatives of different cultural traditions. It was the use of indigo as a dye that provided a visual similarity between traditional and modern jeans textile.

The exhibition represents various methods of processing and ornamentation of blue fabrics: printed cloth, embroidery, decoration with patches of different materials.

The exhibits (about 100 items) mostly date from mid.-19th - early 20th centuries that synchronizes with the time when the first jeans came into being.

The exhibition is accompanied with a video film, introductory text and labels. The booklet based on materials of the exhibition is published.