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The Russian Museum of Ethnography has  more than 100 years of existence and   its    foundation is related with the Alexander III, the Emperor of Russia.

By his decree The Russian museum was established in the  April  of 1895, in structure of which  in  the January of 1902 Nicolas II the last emperor of Russia organized Ethnographic Department in memory of his father.

The museum was conceived as grandiose imperial project which main objective was to  show the picture of ethnographic dimension of our fatherland, the picture of peoples living in Russia and in close neighborhood with it. 

Marble Hall
Marble Hall
Exhibition "The Peoples of North-West Russia and Baltic in XVIII-XX centuries"
Exhibition "The Peoples of the South Caucasus. Late XIX - early XX centuries"
Exhibition "The Peoples of Siberia and Far East"
Exhibition "the Peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Late XIX - early XX centuries"