29 December - 28 February 2018

The Russian museum of Ethnography presents the image of night in the Russian folk culture 

23 November - 01 March 2018

On the November, 23 in the State Historical museum of the South Ural area (Chelyabinsk) the exhibition of the Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg) “The tsars to the peoples, the peoples to the tsars” was opened.

The exhibition consists of 385 exhibits from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography and will be demonstrated to the March, 2018.

21 November - 14 January 2018

The exhibition presents materials from the museum history from 1917 to 1920.

03 November - 28 February 2018

The exhibition in the Russian museum for Ethnography aims to present one of the most significant and striking demonstrations of the cultural identity of the Soviet peoples – folk costumes.

25 October - 31 January 2018

Traditional crafts and trades – from the past to the present

(from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography)


Russian costume: from the tradition to the scenic evocation

The Russian Museum of Ethnography & The Bolshoi Theatre & Belfast City Council