15 January - 12 February 2002

Фоторепортаж об установке на портике Российского Этнографического музея скульптурной группы "Афина Паллада и Гении Славы"

05 December - 05 March 2014

The exhibition under the title "Images of the peoples of Russia" is devoted to the history of creating of the famous sculptures line "Peoples of Russia" at the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in St-Petersburg, which was dedicated to the 300-anniversary of Romanovs Family.

18 October - 25 October 2011

18 октября 2011 года в Российском этнографическом музее открылась выставка "Романтик сурового стиля. Георгий Поплавский, живопись, графика, книжная иллюстрация" из частной коллекции игумена Виталия (Радомысльского)

06 December - 13 December 2011

December 6, 2011 

X annual ethnographic reading "Holidays and rites: features of an ethnographic research"

19 November - 31 January 2012

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Count Aleksey AlekseevichBobrinskoy (b. Moscow,21st December 1861 -d. Siuzi, Italy 4th December 1938), whose name is closely connected with the history of Russian science, primarily research in the field of traditional art and culture of Russian people, as well as the peoples of the Pamirs (Shugnanis, Rushanis, Wakhis, Ishkashimis, etc.).


Russian costume: from the tradition to the scenic evocation

The Russian Museum of Ethnography & The Bolshoi Theatre & Belfast City Council