05 July - 14 July 2013

Korean paper - hanji soft and has strong natural material that could be kept for more than 1000 years. Due to its qualities it can be used for multiple purposes. The Korean paper was traditionally used for calligraphy, oriental printing but also for clothing, furniture, accessories and so on. Besides the history of Hanji papercraft in Korea, the exhibition will show the contemporary use of Hanji.

01 July - 08 July 2013

For the first time the Russian museum of ethnography presents the unique collection of the traditional costume accessories - clothes for hands and legs - late 19th early 20th cen.


26 June - 28 June 2013

1 July

the Day of the Restorer

This holiday is gratitude to the masters reviving beauty of our city at all times.

29 April - 06 May 2013

Photo exhibition is dedicated to the scientist, ethnographer and the research fellow of the Ethnographical department of the Russian museum.

15 April - 22 April 2013


The exhibition acquaints visitors with the archeological part of the collection from the Rostov regional museum of local history. The collection includes more than 120 000 items, which were discovered in different Don burial mounds and ancient settlements in different historical periods - from Paleolithic age to medieval times. 



Russian costume: from the tradition to the scenic evocation

The Russian Museum of Ethnography & The Bolshoi Theatre & Belfast City Council