14 October - 21 October 2016

Exhibition of Russian Museum of Ethnography “Weekdays and holidays of Russian village” was opened on October 14, 2016 in The Historical Folklore Museum of Corinth, Greece as a part of cultural cross-year “Russia-Greece”.

30 October - 23 November 2016

The exhibition “Live and learn!” was opened in the Educational center for childer of the Russian Museum of Ethnography on October 30, 2016.

29 September - 15 January 2017

The exhibition “Restoration: Craft and Art” has been opened at the Russian Museum of Ethnography celebrating the 100th anniversary of its restoration workshop.

01 July - 07 October 2016

The large -scale exhibition project The Silk Road and Russian Ethnic Cultural Heritage Exhibition Period is linked with the concept of the Silk Road as a  main line that connected lands and peoples for their prosperity.

30 June - 03 July 2016

The gala concert of children and youth music collectives participating in the Sixth Russian festival contest “Cossack Outpost” will take place in the Marble Hall of the Russian Museum of Ethnography on July 2 2016 at 01.00 p.m. 


Russian costume: from the tradition to the scenic evocation

The Russian Museum of Ethnography & The Bolshoi Theatre & Belfast City Council