03 July - 27 July 2016

Visita in Italiano il mercoledì (3, 20, 27 Luglio) alle 12.00

18 May - 25 May 2016

The very new objects will appear for several days in the display cases of the RME Treasure Room. Objects from the contemporary jewelers will be “settled” near the traditional adornments. St. Petersburg goldsmiths were inspired by the ethnic forms and images which they found in the RME. 

12 May - 12 May 2016

The Museum is closed on May 12th. 

12 April - 30 June 2016

The exhibition features  the geographical scope of  tea and coffee  consume traditions   among the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries  and shows  visitors cultural  diversity associated with consume   of these beverage as well as   daily and sacred practices related to them in everyday life of the peoples of Eurasia.

02 February - 23 November 2016

Official city tourist portal of St.Petersburg «Visit-Petersburg» became a partner of the Museum!


Russian costume: from the tradition to the scenic evocation

The Russian Museum of Ethnography & The Bolshoi Theatre & Belfast City Council