Treasury of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the St. Petersburg

Время проведения

07.12 - 17.12 2017 г.

The exhibition presents collection of the unique gold nuggets, naturals of platinum and silver, big natural diamonds and another gems and jewels collection, art and crafts objects made by Yakut craftsmen and factories.

Описание выставки
Стоимость и место проведения

The exhibition sheds light not only on the natural wealth of Yakutia but also on various processing technologies of the metals of value and gems, bones (mammoth tusks).

Various size gold nuggets from a few grams to 1,6 kg are demonstrated on the exhibition. Some of them have poetic names, some got their names because of the bizarre forms. On the exhibition you can see gold and platinum ingots (weight of the biggest is more than 12 kg), big natural diamonds mined in Yakutia.

Charoite is the trademark of Yakutia. The only occurrence of this lavender gems is situated on the Chara River and the Tokko River water-parting. Samples of this gem and works from it are represented on the exhibition.

Works of handymen of the 17-18 c. from ferrum and copper open the gallery of jewelry and art and crafts objects made by Yakut craftsmen.

The base of the exhibition is the modern goldsmiths’ works, works of stone and bone cutters of the 1990-2000 made on the factories and by the famous craftsmen. You can see women finery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and brooches), boxes for it, figurines works, silver vessels for kumis, tea-services and such unexpected things as silver pipe.

Works from the mammoth tusk deserve particular attention. Yakutia is on the top for this valuable natural material extraction in Russia. Bone carving is traditional folk craft of Yakutia.

The exhibition is filled up of the exhibits from the funds of the Russian Museum of Ethnography.