The tsars to the peoples, the peoples to the tsars

Время проведения

23.11.17 - 01.03 2018 г.

On the November, 23 in the State Historical museum of the South Ural area (Chelyabinsk) the exhibition of the Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg) “The tsars to the peoples, the peoples to the tsars” was opened.

The exhibition consists of 385 exhibits from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography and will be demonstrated to the March, 2018.

Описание выставки
Стоимость и место проведения

The exhibition shows that members of the Emperor’s Family realizing their unity with Russian people and being a part of Russian history furthered to the maintenance and evolvement of Russian culture.

The collecting and philanthropist’ activity of the Emperor’s Family representatives from the one side and the allegiant and ambassadorial gifts from the other side were taken as a starting points.

The Emperor’s Family representatives replied with a grateful gift or help in needs on the allegiant feelings’ expressions. In the context of traditional consciousness gifts’ exchange had to further to the establishment of the strong connection and unique consanguinity.

There are several complexes of such gifts got by the Emperor’s Family representatives by different cases on the exhibition. Some objects shows private expression of allegiant feelings.

Many things from gifts and own private collections were handed over by the Emperor’s Family representatives to the museum from the establishment of the Ethnographic section of the Russian Museum (the Russian Museum of Ethnography now). Beyond that the Emperor bought out on his private means a variety of private collections which were received as a gift in the Ethnographic section to lend support to the developing museum. It is the collections of A.A. Bogolyubov, F.M. Plyushkin, N.L. Shabelskaya, E.E. Ukhtomsky, A.V. Vereschagin, P.K. Kozlov, V.N. Vasiliev, some of which are presented on the exhibition.